At Easy-Labs, we want to be clear and transparent when it comes to cookies and other tracking technologies, and to allow you, the user of our services, to make an informed decision as to whether you agree with the use of such technologies or not.

In any case, you will never see any add on our websites, we are not a marketing agency and we have absolutely no interest in selling your data to advertising agencies.

If you have any further question, please contact us at the email address indicated below.

Last update: 16/01/2024

So, what are “cookies and tracking technologies”

Cookies and tracking technologies are usually explained as being strictly necessary or as a way to either ensure that you get the best experience from using our website and services, ie avoiding to retype your login and possibly your password, but also simplifying your navigation based on your previous experiences.

But this legitimate use concern less than 10% of the cookies you usually can find on the interwebs, while the rest is a way to track your use and to either learn from your habits or propose content that may “please” you, in the sense that you may consider buying it.

In our case, no tracking technology has been willingly implemented by Easy-Labs, but you may nevertheless be tracked because of the different third-party services we are using: Azure app service and Windows Azure Cloud for hosting our services, ASP.Net our open source web framework, YouSign our partner for electronic signature…

We will list as often as possible all such services, along with some explanations.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are needed in order for the website to function properly. We may use them for logging in or enable core features and functions of our website, and to maintain security and stability or our services. Willingly blocking or deleting these cookies may affect your use of our website and of our services, and for this reason we don’t recommend this behavior.

Rest assured that we will not flag as Strictly Necessary a tracking technology that does not stick to the description provided herein.

Analytics and performance-related Cookies

These cookies may help to understand your habits so that we can improve our online products and services. By gathering insights about your behavior or identifying technical issues, we would know what to change in our services. If one day we are to use a CRM or launch marketing activation campaigns, these cookies would allow us to know what drive you on our website.

Cookies for functionality and personalization

These cookies are generally there to provide a better user experience of our website.

Advertising and targeting Cookies

These cookies may be placed on our website by third parties, we will nevertheless fight as much as you can against such a practice.

Social media and content-sharing Cookies

These cookies may be placed on our website to provide third-party services and functionalities such as social media platforms. Unless we launch a blog-sort someday, these should not be present. They would technically allow you to watch content from third-party sites or share an interesting article on a social media platform.

For how long do those Cookies last?

Except for strictly necessary cookies, this will depend on the type of cookie that we have baked:

Session cookies are only created temporarily and are automatically deleted when you leave our website

Persistent cookies will last on your web-browsing device

How to setup your choice concerning cookies on our website

We have not deployed a cookie banner system yet, but we will soon. This will allow you to directly choose which cookies you want and those you don’t digest well and prefer to avoid.

Please be informed nevertheless that once accessing our platform services, all provided cookies shall be considered as necessary and part of the contract that we have concluded together to provide you with a certain level of service.

You can, anytime, block or delete all cookies, and notably third party cookies, by accessing the preferences of your web-browser and searching for the cookie section. You will then have the option to restrict, block, allow cookies, but also to delete them if you did not enjoy them.


If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding cookies and other tracking technologies used on our website or when accessing our services, please contact us by sending an email to contact {@}